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Link Exchange Information

To Exchange Links with Us

   If you would like to exchange links with us, you can use the following html to create a link. Just copy and paste it into your web page to set up the link.
   The image will load from our server which will allow us to change it from time to time, and the new version will automatically be used on your page.
   If you would like for us to include a link to your web site on this page, then please email me the information I need to include you, and we will check your site out. If it fits in with our congregation's views, then we will place your link on this page.
   We also reserve the right to remove the link to your site from our page if we notice things that cause us to doubt the truthfulness of what you are presenting. As a congregation we believe that it must be in the Bible to be taken as the "Gospel Truth!"

Thank You,
The Webservant
Copy and paste the following code into your page to produce a link to our page.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

The above code produces a link that looks like this:


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